Monday, February 20, 2012

time filler, tummy filler

I'm in a bit of an odd 'limbo' period. So, in this period of time that I call "whatamIgoingtodowithmylife", I've been occupying my brain (and my chatty mouth) in the kitchen. As I never remember what I've made later on, I figured its time to start documenting these gems...For my benefit, and maybe yours, too.

Disclaimer: After a few remarkable documentaries and some hefty research, I try to stick to mostly vegan, healthy, animal-free food. However, I, personally, am not a vegan (110% of the time). So while most of what I cook, eat, and post will be vegan; please don't be alarmed to see a plate of cheese, meaty goodness stick its head in here every so often and, for goodnesssake, don't call PETA.

So, here's to a (feeble) attempt to empty my mind, fill my belly, and cook my way through my limbo. (and beyond)

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